In my 15 year experience (started freelancing at 17) I created a lot of things, gained a ton of experience and learned a lot. I have hit many walls in my growth and now again there is a new one before me. To continue growing I must leave my current job and move to new challenges to do things that matter and I love.

Portfolio: Download
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Some of my skills

  • Branding and Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • Graphic design
  • Design for print & digital
  • Product Design
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress Development (made a lot of themes, couple of plugins)
  • UI/UX Design
  • Idea Generation
  • Problem Solving
  • Paper Art
  • Photography
  • 2D / 3D animation
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Innovation & Growth
  • Business Development


In my life I have been:

  • a pro hockey player (made national team at 16& 17), played it for 13 years and after an injury when I was 20, that career ended.
  • Started to use design tools at 16 as a hobby. The first project was designing A4 papers for my female classmate’s names and adding various effects and filters like fire. It was my first pro bono work.
  • Designed my first website in the same year. It was a 2Pac fan page and your eyes would burn if you’d see it today. It had lots of GIFs and was a bit LSDish. But pretty cool for that time.
  • was in a show which was similar to Jackass (but better, of course) and we recorded 2 season/20 episodes of crazy and funny things. Check the video — Guy on the bike after the intro is me… 1.00 to 2.00 minutes
  • at 18 started to get paid more for my work and won some forum competitions for designing banners.
  • learned about the affiliate marketing industry because of that and gave it a go. Designed and developed my own websites (with WordPress), wrote content, made money.
  • Had a personal design blog which had 50.000 unique visitors per month which also brought in $$$. Powered by WordPress 😉 Blogged about design and created design tutorials for people wanting to learn.
  • Went to study law for 2 years but was doing more design work and projects then studying in that time.
  • Found out I’m happier as a designer and went to study media communication and design at a Uni with the money I made from affiliate marketing
  • Was freelancing throughout uni and had clients from the US to Malaysia.
  • Had lunch with the President of Slovenia as one of the most successful students that year. Won 4th place of 1500 entries of a design competition with a team of 3 other students.
  • After UNI I joined a Cannes Lions award-winning advertising agency MediaMix. Started working the same day I had an interview.
  • Met my future wife while working on Pecha Kucha Night event posters.
  • Learned to crochet and made a amigurumi character for her. 🙂
  • Was forced to design a god ugly bus for a client and had to ride that same bus to work. Decided to quit the agency and start my own design studio.
  • I have worked on projects with Nike, Fox & Viasat.
  • Because “not paying for ordered design work” started to become a national sport and I hit a growth wall, I joined an Art Directors Club and Red Dot multi-award winning design studio IlovarStritar.
  • Did a trip to New York and visited Mirko Ilić while being there. He took me to Milton Glaser’s studio to meet him and have a short chat which was really badass. Amazing experience!
  • After 2 years hit another growth wall and because of the state the economy was in wanted to try my luck in the UK. Got an offer from a previous client to work as a creative lead. I designed 13+ brand identities, packaging, websites, then built the sites with WordPress (with tools) which are now making more than £900.000 revenue per month.
  • After 2 years working here, I hit another growth wall and am looking for a positive change.