Siri Kaur – “simple” portrait photography

From the 2008 archive.

Being a portrait photographer is tough, it is hard to find the right scene, lighting and other things that make a photo really good. There are usually things prepared hours before the main character of the portrait even comes and when he does, the photographer may have an hour only to get the perfect picture. If the subject is a well-known business man, that our may be brought down to 1 minute too.

Siri Kaur has a different method of doing portrait photography because it’s simple. Shooting a good portrait really comes out when the subject is relaxed since then all of his characters comes out and brings that glow out you can never Photoshop. Siri Kaur has it’s portraited people right in that calming point where they are just that. Also, where will they be more relaxed? In a studio with those big octa banks or in their known environment as their home or somewhere where they fit?

That is what’s simple about Siri Kaur’s photos, that is what makes these portraits better than others and not the 10.000€ camera, lenses and the equipment. It’s about the subject and his personality. Have that in mind when you shoot portrait next time. Until then enjoy the photos of Siri Kaur.

Just look at the photos and tell me, is there something that isn’t supposed to be in the picture? Isn’t that the perfect balance of subject and background? They fit really well together, each has its own personality, the personality of the subject. Amazing!

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